Partial Impact Reports on Twitter

We are about to launch a very cool new feature in Tweet Binder that some clients have been asking for and all have found quite interesting. We tried to get as much feedback from clients as we can, this helps us improving our platform, they are happy and we are so, a typical win-win situation. Love it.

So, this new cool feature (which will be released in January 2014) will let Tweet Binder clients to create partial impact reports out of bigger ones. Meaning: if you had a 5 days campaign active on Twitter and you were tracking tweets, you will be able now to “cut” the report to see data individually for each day. I know it’s kind of cool. Let’s go step by step:

1) When we access our Twitter Stats Dashboard, we will see the data as shown on the pic below. You can see perfectly the different data volumes for each day. We will have just to select the day we want to analyze and press “Filter By Date”.

This is how a 5 days campaign looks like in Tweet Binder
This is how a 5 days campaign looks like in Tweet Binder

2) Once we click on “Filter by Date”, we will see the same report but only with the data of the date selected. This is simple and very useful, now you can compare what day of your campaign worked better.

And this is how it looks like when we “cut” the report.

Some answers to some questions you may have:

  • When will it be available? In early 2014. Our designers are setting it pretty.
  • If this is a great breakthrough, why do you post it on your blog? Won’t you ruin the big announcement? In Tweet Binder we don’t like big announcements, we emailed our PRO clients and let them know.  We work everyday to make this tool better; Twitter is full of “big announcements”, we prefer to tell our clients first and then let users find out. We don’t even have a blog by the way.
  • Are the Excel Reports available for these partial Reports? Yes. You can download an Excel report for each partial you make.
  • How many partial reports can you make out of a report? We limited it to 10 billions only, what actually equals “infinite”.

Here is a video on how it works:

Actually we are working on some cool features for January 2014. Tweet Binder’s gonna rock you. Look for example the first infographic reports we are working on for our PRO users:

Example of infographic report as seen on TV.
Example of infographic report as seen on TV.

And, our PRO users will enjoy also a cool feature: customized impact reports. I know people love our Tweet Binder “look and feel”, but some clients want to see them with their logo, colors and so. That’s why we introduced recently the customized reports, click on the pic to see how it looks like:

Customized Report for Los40
Customized Report for Los40