SES Jakarta 2014 – What a journey!

Last March 19th I had the opportunity to assist to SES Jakarta 2014, a Digital Marketing Conference that goes from city to city spreading the Online Word. I have to say that this conference was like no other I assisted. Every single detailed had been planned, the keynotes, the speakers, the venue, everything. Also the way they managed Twitter with Rankings and Trending Topics on a screen was superb. They got to “gamificate” the conference using Twitter and I loved it. (I will get back to the Twitter part later).

SES Jakarta 2014
SES Jakarta 2014

In SES Jakarta you could find the main brands on the Internet Landscape: Twitter, Havas, Ebay, Groupon or AT Internet. All the people attending were so open to discuss matters and topics related to the online world. I met very interesting people, had coffee with regional managers of some companies and enjoyed passionate debates about Social Media.

I have to say that I was surprised on how Indonesia is growing on Digital Marketing, not only because they have millions of users (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) but also because they are starting to trust on ecommerce, which can blow the market. One of the things that surprised the most is how low Instagram is Indonesia and how big Path is. I actually though Path was a forgotten network, I was wrong.

The conference was presented and managed for Mike Grehan, who did a great job. I love his first keynote (despite the remote issues) and the way he interviewed the person of Garuda Indonesia, wonderful interview. I wonder how Mike got time to organize his team, the conference and the keynote, it was fantastic. Also, the way they displayed Twitter information in the coffee room was amazing. This is one of the most important things I have ever seen. They had a screen showing the most active users, the trending topics of SES (Yes, they even had their own trending topics!!), tweets and the stats of the event, etc. It was several tweet walls with info that people consulted wanting to find them selves among the most active or mentioned users. This way to apply gamification on the SES was fantastic and it made people even tweet more about the conference. Anne-Marie Malone was also behind this idea, I love the way they did it and I feel proud of it.

Tweet Wall to Gamificate the Event
Tweet Wall to Gamificate the Event

If you ever have the chance to go to one SES Conference: GO!!.


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