How we run our own twitter account in the company.

The other day on we were asked who was behind the tweets of Tweet Binder (our company), they wanted to congratulate us for the good work we were doing and the strategy we were following on Twitter. Then we realized that we didn’t really have an strategy, more than that, we realized that our strategy was that we didn’t have a strategy. This may sound crazy, specially whit all these Marketing Experts that nowadays tell us how to tweet, what to tweet and more “mambo jambo” about engaging communities and so.

Well, they may be right, but the fact is that this “no strategy” strategy of ours was working pretty good because our users talk to us a lot. We made something very clear from the very beginning: the tweets from the company’s account (@tweetbinder) have to be sent from people inside the company, not an external person. We decided this because we wanted our followers to get to know us with no intermediaries, just us and them. Also we decided that anyone from any department at any time, was going to be able to tweet whatever they wanted (mostly related to our company of course). And last, we were going to have some people that reply to the questions and dead-threats from users.


We didn’t paint goals, we didn’t decided what content to post per days, we didn’t even have a person responsible for the account. Our twitter account is us, when you talk to @tweetbinder you are talking straight to us, when you are reading our content you are reading us. We never tried to sell anything there; god! we don’t even post the new features we upload to our platform!

Then I was talking the other day with one colleague and he asked me to teach him how to use twitter to get the same results. The first thing I told him was our users know that the whole company is behind the account but the most important thing is that we don’t use twitter to sell them anything. We are pretty aware that if someone wants to buy from us he or she will go straight to our website; on twitter people are demanding something else from us, they want to get to know us. This actually was the reflection of our great public relations manager, she couldn’t be more right. Sometimes a dev guy tweets about how great is to code and the next day a marketing person tweets about how great is the new feature he’s working on. Someone even tweeted about how hocked we all are to “House of Cards”.

This is how we do it. Please feel free to add your comments and ideas, if you want to trough me a shoe I will understand.


4 thoughts on “How we run our own twitter account in the company.

  1. So basically your strategy is “not having a strategy” right? Nice idea but I can see that you actually have support people and some little “rules”. I think this is one way to do it, but not very orthodox, I like that.

  2. Liked the strategy yes, but I don’t think it can be applied to every company. If you let me a little advice here, I would say that getting to know a company is great for social media but if you sale online, shoes for instance, you can tweet a sale or opportunity in seconds.

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