2014 in the Company

2013 has been a great year for Tweet Binder, we are selling are we are growing our users base exponentially every month. Since we launched the first beta in April 2013 and the stable version in October, we have been receiving more and more users. What happened in October was totally unsuspected, we grew much more than we planned, we even had to restructure our data base twice. This new users have sent us the best ideas in the world. Many of them told us they have switched from other Twitter Analytics platforms to ours, this not only make us happy, it made us proud.

With 2014 ahead, we will be focusing on three mayor aspects:

  • Sell More.
  • Grow More.
  • Launch New Cool Features.

It might look way too obvious, but it’s not. Actually we could be selling a lot more right now, this is hard to realize but it’s true and it is totally our fault. I have had recently a couple of meeting with investors who loved Tweet Binder and they both pointed out that, even though our product is great, we are not been able to communicate it in a right way which eventually takes us to sell less. There are many cool things that we are doing for clients that we are not showing on our site, plus there are many amazing features that we have that are “hidden” in our site as well. Eventually this makes some people to think that Tweet Binder is just “another twitter analytics tool” when it’s not.

This is what we did for NFL
This is what we did for NFL

About the growing, the more users we have the more money we get. As simple as that. Back in December 2013 we made a little change in our platform that made our income grow 67%, just a little communication change made us get more money taking advantage of the huge users base we have. The growing and the selling goes together, it is not ok to have thousands of new users everyday if they don’t know they can “pay you money”. To grow this users base we will be focusing on new markets in Asia. We want to open a new office in Jakarta in March and another one in Singapore. We have been traveling a lot to Jakarta and Singapore and the market there is huge and it is blooming. I cannot really explain the potential that a tool like Tweet Binder can have in Asia, just amazing.

Mister Binder to Conquer Asia
Mister Binder to Conquer Asia

And the new cool features we will be launching this year is going to blow you mind. We truly think Twitter data are sexy, this mantra has been guiding us these last times and we could be more right. If Twitter data are sexy, your client’s data are sexy as well so. Once you realize this, the sky is the limit. Free Users and Clients are going to have so much fun this year. We have new things for live broadcasting, for Instagram, for TVs, for marketers and for everybody!

Hello 2014, ready to rock it?
Hello 2014, ready to rock it?

Many people have been asking me about our investment rounds, I’d like to be as open as buffer is and to expose here all the steps we are making in this fields. I am personally visiting investors, we are very close to close some deals that I will be happy to post on this blogs. This investment race has been long but great, it has made us a better company and we have learnt a lot, more than in my MBA for sure.

Stay tuned, stay hungry, 2014 comes “calentito”.


4 thoughts on “2014 in the Company

  1. How can I contact you or your company? Please email me at the email below javier, i have sent you a linkedin request.

  2. Those reports are NICE!!!! How can I get a report like the NFL using tweet Binder? That can be a great step in Data visualization. This is not onloy about data anymore, it is about making your client happy, and those kind of reports do.

  3. Hi Javier, I have been using TweetBinder.com for a while, nice reports you make. I can’t see in your site tough this “infographic reports” option. How can I make it. I work for an international agency with offices around the globe and would like to show this kind to our clients who are big brands and they don’t want “simple” reports. This would fit perfectly.

    Thanks and kudos on Tweet Binder.


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